Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice explains why Hueristic Devices (“we” or “us” or “our”) collects information about you, how that information may be used, processed, protected and otherwise handled when you use or visit our website or our mobile application (“Platforms”) and its services. You acknowledge that this Privacy Notice is a part of the Terms of Use and all terms defined in the Terms of Use have the same meaning in this Privacy Notice statement and vice-versa.



Scope of application: This Privacy Notice is published in accordance with applicable laws and shall

  • apply to all Visitors i.e., those who are merely visiting the Platforms without any intent of availing Hueristic Devices’ products and services

  • apply to all Users i.e., those who are visiting and accessing the Platforms with the intent of availing Hueristic Devices’ products and services (Visitors and Users shall be collectively referred to as “You” and “Your” in this Privacy Notice).

  • cover all personal data/sensitive data/information that can be used directly or indirectly to identify you as an individual person (“PD”)

What does this Privacy Notice provide?

What PD do we collect?

Platforms are designed to provide you with an overview about Hueristic Devices and its products specifically, details of the water and soil quality testing kits, enables you to place orders and purchase our products, download and use the software for testing, upload findings, review and access testing results, other related services, and enables you to contact us for provision of those services (“Services”). For providing these Services, tracking purchase history and reorder requests, and to provide customer support, subscribing to news and information feeds the Platforms processes your PD. PD collected includes the following categories:

  • basic information like name, surname, IP address
  • contact information like phone number, e-mail address, mobile number
  • financial and payment information pertaining to your transaction on the Platforms
  • shipping and billing information
  • device and hardware information for synching and seamless access
  • location information
  • information on how you use our Platforms through our or third-party cookies such as duration for visiting or using the Platforms

The Platforms require access to the camera and GPS sensors of your mobile device. Access to camera is necessary for carrying out the testing. This is to enable documentation of the tests and to take pictures of the sample for analysis and storing related data. Access to location data is optional and will only restrict the mapped visualization of data.

While browsing the Platforms, you are not required to provide PD unless you choose to sign up for any of the Services. While you can browse some sections of our Platforms certain activities such as placing an order or accessing your stored preferences and data are not available until and unless you register to the Platforms.

While transacting on the Platform, you may be required to pay through the services of third-party payment gateway provider. You understand, agree and acknowledge that the Platforms never receive your PD provided to the third-party payment gateway. Your PD will be dealt by third-party payment gateway provider in accordance with their respective privacy policies and other terms and conditions; and we shall not be liable, accountable or responsible for your PD which you provide to the third-party payment gateway provider.

While we shall make reasonable endeavors to ensure that your PD is duly protected by undertaking security measures prescribed under applicable laws, you are strongly advised to exercise discretion while providing PD while using the Services given that the internet is susceptible to security breaches.

Whenever you use our Service, in a case of an error in the Platforms we collect data and information on your mobile device called Log Data. This Log Data may include information such as IP address, device name, operating system version, the time and date of your use of the Service, and other statistics.


How do we collect PD?

We collect PD:

  • directly from you when you voluntarily provide your PD at the time of registering to use our Platforms, subscribing to our Services via the Platforms, or requesting further services; and
  • indirectly from other sources such as cookies, web beacons, website traffic, information available in public domain through internet searches, analytic studies and other information that we may derive while processing PD.


How do we process PD?

We collect, record, organize, structure, align, retrieve, adapt, access, review, archive, analyze, pseudonymize, encrypt, decrypt, profile, transfer, perform other related technological and manual processing activities and when no longer required, we anonymize or erase your PD.

We process your PD in accordance with fair, accountable and transparent processing principles as required under applicable law. Governing principles that we follow for processing are:

  • process lawfully, fairly and with transparency
  • process only for purposes communicated or those which are reasonably expected to be connected with the purposes or for purposes which are compatible with them
  • minimize collection only as much is adequate, relevant and necessary
  • take reasonable steps to maintain accuracy in light of the processing purposes
  • retain in such form bearing in mind the processing purposes
  • use technical, operational, and organizational security measure
  • prevent accidental loss, unlawful destruction or access or damage
  • maintain confidentiality and integrity of PD, except otherwise mentions in this Privacy Notice

Profiling means automated processing or PD to evaluate certain personal attributes about you. This aims at analyzing your behaviour while using the Platforms. There will be no profiling by automated means that will affect your PD protection rights and privacy.


Why do we process PD?

We process your PD for entering into a lawful contract with you and thereafter, for performance of the lawful contract so executed and delivery of Services. We also process your PD because you have explicitly consented to the purposes of processing as stated in this Privacy Notice, those that can be reasonably expected in context thereof, and those that are compatible with the listed out purposes. If you do not want to consent, we will be unable to provide you with the Services.

Additionally, we process PD for the following purposes:

  • providing Services
  • providing data uploading and access, voice, image and camera services
  • communicating with you about the new products and services, features, updates, and plug-ins or alike available on our Platforms
  • conducting market research, trend research, analytics to understand Your need for using the Platforms, demand for Services, updates, upgrades and software feature requirements
  • creating, improving and developing our Platforms
  • obtaining feedbacks from you and acting thereupon
  • improvise, upgrade and implement security measures for the Platforms and your PD
  • send direct mailers at the e-mail address given, with an option to opt-out anytime
  • protect and secure your PD
  • to use Google Analytics to better understand our web traffic and marketing effectiveness;
  • detect and handle data breach scenarios
  • periodically review PD collected to adhere with your requests regarding your rights and legal obligations under applicable law
  • maintaining secure personal information management system
  • mitigating and handling data breach scenarios
  • sharing with third parties; more details about third party data transfer Apart from the above purposes, please note that we do not sell, rent, or trade your PD in any manner.


How do we protect your PD?

We are committed to managing and securing PD and information asset systems with confidentiality, integrity and authenticity. Commensurating with the size and nature of the Platforms, the Services, and allied activities, we have implemented reasonable, operational, technical and managerial safeguard, practices, processes and policies to ensure safety, security, integrity and protection of all its information assets including PD.

All our staff, personnel, officers, representatives and members receive appropriate and on-going training to ensure they are fully aware of their obligation to uphold confidentiality, protect PD, and respect your privacy. Only limited authorized personnel and approved third parties have access to PD on a need to know basis and only for specific purposes. If you wish to learn more about our data protection practices, please write to us at


How long do we store PD?

We will store and process your PD for such duration as is necessary in order to fulfill the purposes stated in this Privacy Notice and comply with applicable law. Our overarching goal is not to retain PD in identifiable form longer than what is necessary, after which they will be anonymized or destroyed.


Do we transfer your PD to third parties?

We may transfer your PD to third-party service providers with whom we have a contractual agreement. Being committed to maintaining confidentiality of PD, we follow strict controls on who can internally or externally access and process PD. Your PD may be transferred or shared with third parties as set forth below:

  • Service Providers: We share your PD with third-party service providers who use this data to perform services for us such as payment processors, analytics, data storage facilities, cloud services and information security practices.
  • For analytics we use, Google Analytics (privacy notice can be accessed here, and for storage we use services of Google Cloud Services (privacy notice can be accessed here ).
  • Further, we also use Google studio tools to prepare reports and dashboards (privacy terms for Google studio can be accessed here
  • Legally required: We may disclose your PD if we are required to do so by law or where it is necessary to respond to claims asserted against us or comply with legal processes.
  • Business transfers: We may disclose or transfer PD as part of any merger, sale and transfer of our assets, acquisition or restricting of all or part of our business, bankruptcy or similar event.
  • We may also transfer your PD for processing in accordance with this Privacy Notice through data processors or in pursuance of Hueristic Devices’s legitimate interests such as performing lawful contracts, carrying our business operations and other, subject to the condition that your fundamental rights and freedoms are not overridden.
  • Provide targeted information regarding Hueristic Devices products and Services

Before transferring PD to a third-party, we conduct reasonable due diligence factoring the purposes, such as evaluation of processes implemented as per information disclosed about processing measures, inspection rights wherever reasonably possible, requiring representations, and mandating compliance with applicable laws concerning data protection and privacy from the third-party. [PSA: Please ensure compliance with these while transferring data to a third party to the extent reasonably possible.]


What are your rights?

Your rights are:

  • access – seek confirmation on whether and what PD is processed and seek access
  • lodge complaint - file a complaint with appropriate authority under applicable law
  • correction - correct inaccurate or misleading personal data, complete incomplete data, update outdated data
  • withdraw or modify consent - withdraw or modify consent at any time; this will not affect processing that has taken place prior to the date you request such withdrawal or modification. If withdrawal or modification will have a bearing on you accessing the Platforms or availing Services, we will notify you before acting on your request
  • erasure and restriction on processing - erase PD, or restrict, object, limit or refuse processing; if you exercise this right, it may be the scenario that this may have a bearing on using and accessing the Platforms and Services and we will notify you before acting on your request
  • portability - to request for portability to third party of PD processed through automated means in structured, commonly used, machine readable format to the extent feasible
  • data breach notification along with measure taken to retain and mitigate the breach

You can exercise these rights by writing to us at We will try our best to provide the necessary information within 30 days from receipt of the request and this can be extended to 2 months with prior notice to you. If requests are excessive or unfounded or repetitive at our sole discretion, we can refuse to your request or charge a reasonable fee for costs, in which case you can choose to complaint to appropriate authority.


Children’s Privacy

These Services do not address anyone under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect PD from children under 18. In the case we discover that a child under 18 has provided us with PD, we immediately delete this from our servers. If you are a parent or guardian and you are aware that your child has provided us with PD, please contact us so that we will be able to take necessary action.


We use cookies and web beacons to collect PD through the Platforms. Cookies are small files which generally consist of letters plus numbers that get downloaded on your device when you access or use the Platform. As such, cookies by themselves will not reveal your personal information, but they do contain certain unique identifiers, which when combined with other identifiers and information may generate personal information about your identity.

You do not have to accept cookies and you may modify your browser settings to refuse them. The browser you use allows you to see, identify and control the use of website cookies. You can revoke your earlier provided consent at any time and control the cookies through your browser, deleting them individually or deleting all of them. You can also set your browser to not accept any cookies.

If this option is selected, you should be aware that many websites may not function properly, but this is not the case with the Platform. Instead of setting up your browser to refuse/block cookies, you could set it up in a manner where your consent is required before each cookie is set on your device. This gives you more control over what is set on your device without excessively disrupting or compromising on the quality of your browsing experience. There are different levels of control that you can exercise in using your cookies. You will be able to prevent only third-party cookies from being deployed, or block specific companies from deploying a cookie on your device.


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics. The cookies used collect and analyze certain types of information including your personal information for usage and user metrics, such as age, gender, languages used, preferences and interests, onsite behavior and usage information, device and software identifiers, search queries, mobile network and other similar information. Google Analytics’ terms of utilizing your data can be accessed in their terms of service. You may opt-out of Google Analytics utilizing your data by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.


Google Play Store

Hueristic Devices is distributed on the Google Play Store, a place for the distribution of mobile apps. If you download the App from the Google Play Store then it is compiled into aggregate usage statistics on our management portal. Your use of the Application as described in more detail at


Our anti-Spam policy

We recognize that the receipt, transmission or distribution of spam e-mails (unsolicited bulk e-mails) as a major concern and have taken reasonable measures to minimize the transmission and effects of spam e-mails in its computing environment. Accordingly, all e-mails received by us are subject to spam check. Any e-mail identified as spam will be rejected and deleted. With this measure, along with other technical spam reduction measures, we hope to minimize the spread and effects of spam e-mails. We reserve the right to reject and/or report any suspicious spam e-mails, to the authorities concerned and/or to the sender of such e-mails, for necessary action, from time to time.



We will periodically review and revise this Privacy Notice and policies around PD. You must periodically review the Privacy Notice to appraise the changes. We will notify you of any changes on this page. These changes are effective immediately after they are posted on this page.


The Platform links to other third party websites may or may not collect PD about You. If they do collect personal information, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the contents of those linked websites.



If You have any questions, comments, rights request, or complaints, please contact us at