Frequently Asked Questions

General queries

What kind of water sources can I use the kit to test with?

Any water source can be tested as long as the water sample is clear, colourless, and the concentration of the parameter you are testing for falls within the range of the test.

Will the apps work with iPhones?

The apps only work on Android phones

Can I put back excess distilled water if I measure out too much?

Ideally it would be preferable to throw away the excess distilled water as there is a chance of contamination.

Does the phone come with a charger?


Correlation with lab results

Results obtained from our testing kits show 99% correlation with results obtained through standard lab methods

Do you also do lab tests? can we send samples?

We offer testing as a service with our test equipment. We will be getting NABL certification for lab testing in the near future. This information will be announced on our website, and updated with registered users.

How to fill in forms?

Click here for a tutorian on how to fill forms.

Where can I access my data points?

Test history will be available as a subscribed service. Free trial users will have a 3 free user access sessions to test history, reports and dashboards for a period of 1 year, after which they will need to subscribe to access old data. Enterprise users will have access to historical data up to XXX tests/ YYY months.

What are the advantages of registering with Hurestic devices?

The My Account form allows you to register as a user/buyer of Hueristic Devices products. As a registered user, you will be able to view purchase history (date, order, amount). You will receive reminders for reorders, if you choose to. You will also be the first to know of our new products, offers and discounts.

Orders and shipment

Can I only reorder reagents?

We provide resupply options for reagents, kit components, kit components with phone as well as the kit bag.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship internationally. Shipping charges are borne by the buyer. If the product contains chemicals, rates for hazardous material shipping will apply. We would advise a consignment size that makes long-distance shipping economical.

What are the incentives/discounts you offer to long time customers/business partners?

Registered customers get updates on season discounts and trial packages. For orders greater than INR 2,00,000/- please write to us directly at

how long does shipping take once an order is placed?


Is there a min/max number of orders that can be placed?

You can order any quantity of product. Large orders, or orders during lockdown would be taken as bookings. Our representative will get back to you on shipment schedules.