Good measures for a better quality of life

Hueristic Devices makes environmental testing kits that are affordable and easy to use. Hueristic Devices’ vision is to make measuring simple and accessible so as to enable timely, appropriate action on processes that impact environment, health and livelihoods.

We are a Bengaluru-based organization, registered in December 2019. Hueristic Devices was formed as a result of the work of research non-profit, Foundation for Environmental Monitoring (ffem). Hueristic Devices is the for-profit sister concern of ffem, for the manufacture and marketing of its saleble products, and for sustained development of innovative, environment-focused testing options.

The name Hueristic derives from the word ‘heuristic’. A heuristic is a problem-solving method; it is also a philosophy, a way of doing. The objective of a heuristic is to produce a good enough solution to solve a problem at hand, in an reasonable, actionable time frame. This, combined with a play on colour, hue, in ‘colorimetry’, gave us Hueristic.

Hueristic Devices products are designed to be simple to use anywhere, at any time, as an option to the often remote lab testing. Hueristic Devices products aim to make testing as simple as possible to make it convenient for more people to test, for better environment quality mnagement and quality of life.

Hueristic Devices tag line is ‘Good measures’.